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The Modern Agriculture Foundation is a non-profit organization, promoting research, development and commercialization of clean meat as a viable alternative for the global food industry. We partner with academia, commercial companies and the general public, aiming to raise awareness and resources for the clean meat field.

Clean Meat Conference – The Path to Commercialization - Technion, Haifa, Israel

08:00-09:00 am: Registration, Coffee + Juices 

09:00-09:10 am: Opening remarks, Dr.Yaron Bogin, MAF

09:10-09:50 am: Keynote lecture, Prof. Mark Post, Maastricht University, “Scientific Hurdles to Culture Meat at Large Scale”


09:50-10:10 am: Prof. Shulamit Levenberg, Technion, "Application of Tissue Engineering to the Development of Clean Meat Products" 

10:10-10:40 am: Coffee+Juices


10:40-11:00 am: Prof. Smadar Cohen, Ben Gurion University, "Bioengineered Tools for Clean Meat"

11:00-11:20 am: Prof. Eyal Shimoni, Strauss Group, "Clean Meat, What Might Really Work? Industry Perspective"

11:20-11:40 am: Dr. Liz Specht, GFI, "Using Technology Readiness Assessments to  Identify Opportunities for Collaborative Research, Contracted Research, and Leveraging Funding for an Emerging

11:40-11:55 am: Mr. Sasha Mandy, Norton Rose Fulbright, "Clean Meat and Intellectual Property"

11:55-13:00 pm: Lunch, on site Afternoon Session

13:00-13:40 pm: Afternoon keynote lecture, Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, Hebrew University & SuperMeat, "Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Clean Meat"  

13:40-14:00 pm: Prof. Yoav Livney, Technion "EIT-Food: The New Food Revolution" 

14:00-14:20 pm: Mrs. Anya Eldan, Israel Innovation Authority, Ministry of Economy, "Fostering Innovation: Public-Private Partnership"

14:20-14:30: pm: Dr. Yaron Bogin, MAF, "Why Israel is Well-Positioned to Advance Clean Meat"

14:30-15:00 pm: Coffee+ Juices 

15:00-15:15 pm: Mr. Amir Zaidman, The Kitchen Food Tech Hub, "Better Industry. Better Food. Better World" 

15:15-15:30 pm: Dr. Ohad Karnieli, At-vio, “The Challenges in Large Scale Cell Manufacturing and Recent Advances and Innovations in Cell Culturing Technologies for Cost-Efficient Scale-Up”

15:30-15:45 pm: Dr. Michal Amit, Accellta, "Advanced Technologies for Mass Production of Specific Cell Lineages Derived from Pluripotent Stem Cells for Clean Meat"

15:45-16:20 pm: Panel #1: "Advancing Consumer Acceptance of Clean Meat" (Panel Chair: Mr. Bruce Friedrich, GFI)


16:20-17:00 pm: Panel #2: "Advancing Regulation of Clean Meat" (Panel Chair: Mr. Paul Shapiro, HSUS) 

17:00-18:00 pm: Dinner, on site





Technion Institute of Technology





"The environmental impact of shifting meat production from the ranch to the lab is compelling." - TIME

"Livestock are responsible for 14.5 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions."

- United Nations

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