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We are an Israeli non-profit organization set out transform global food culture by replacing traditional animal-based foods with Clean Meat, Cellular Agriculture and plant-based alternatives.

We pursue our mission by fostering high-impact innovation, by educating the public, and by rallying a community of scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders and government decision-makers.

The Modern Agriculture Foundation (MAF) envisions a food system in which healthy, sustainable and affordable food is produced without harming animals or the environment.



1. ​Promote and establish a multidisciplinary field in Israel, joining pharma, biotech, food and chemical industries that promote alternative proteins and characterized by a vast network of international cooperation.

2. Obtain Israeli governmental recognition and substantial financial support for the alternative protein space. We will position alternative proteins as a target of being  an Israeli national flagship project, by reaching out to interested politicians and other prominent figures, and seeking governmental funding and cooperation, so that Israel will become the leading force in creating the "next beyond meat", a combination of cellular agriculture and plant-based meat, or the first commercial cultivated meat.

3. Develop and bring forward unique technologies in Israel that will serve as an alternative to the current methods of meat analogues production: for example, the current methods of 3D printing and the scaffold method for the creation of 3D products lack efficiency in large scale production batches. Hence, one of our focal points in the coming years will be Identifying new production methods (e.g. which we know exist in the pharmaceutical industry) generating higher efficiency and scalability.



The Modern Agriculture Foundation has been selected as a grant recipient of Animal Charity Evaluators Movement Grants!




The Modern Agriculture Foundation received the Innovation and Sustainability Award

by the Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition, a professional science-based organization advocating to establish a national sustainable food system and food security for all Israelis now and in the future